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Besides the Kemijoki and Ounasjoki rivers,
there is a flow of customers towards Rovaniemi.
Read more how Rinteenkulma can help your business.

Available business spaces

The importance of location should not be underestimated when choosing a business space. When you want your business to be in reach, turn your gaze towards Rinteenkulma. Along with Revontuli, Rinteenkulma is the biggest shopping center in northern Finland. Our customers can reach us easily by car, walking, biking or public transportation. Over 3,6 million visitors a year prove the allure of the destination.

  • Shopping area of 38,000 square meters
  • Easy accessibility regardless of transportation
  • Approximately 500 free parking spaces
  • In the heart of Lapland’s road networks
Kauppakeskus Rinteenkulma ulkoa

Promotional events

Did you know that it is possible to rent Rinteenkulma’s corridor and business spaces for temporary use? At Rinteenkulma you can find space, for example, an event, a pop-up shop or campaign. When you want to reach people face-to-face, the possibilities offered by Rinteenkulma for promotional events and brand activations will help you achieve your goals.

  • Over 3,6 million visitors a year
  • Versatile spaces for short-term needs
  • Showcase your brand, products and services
  • Cost-efficient way to active your customers


Do you want your advertising to be seen in the largest shopping center in the north? Along with Revontuli, Rinteenkulma is proudly the flagship of Lapland’s business scene that numerous companies and operators have sailed with since 2008. At Rinteenkulma you can reach not only the locals but the southern visitors and international tourists. Contact us for more information about advertising with us.

  • Reach locals, southern visitors and international tourists
  • Variety of advertising spots in lively spaces
  • Anchor companies, such as K-Supermarket and Alko
  • Always ask permission for advertising
Ravintolan Feenix kokki asettelee salaattipöytää Kukkakauppa Ukonhatun työntekijä esittelee kukkia

Contact Us

Do you want to rent a business space at Rinteenkulma? Do you need more information about promotional opportunities, or explore your advertising options? Fill out the following form or contact the shopping center’s manager Pekka Rinne by phone +358 400 392192  or email