Do you need information about running your errands at Rinteenkulma? Read more about parking, opening hours and bringing your dog, among other things.


Mon to Fri 7:00–23:00
Saturday 7:00–23:00
Sunday 9:00–23:00


Mon to Fri 10:00–18:00
Saturday 10:00–17:00
Sunday 12:00–16:00
(partly closed)


Mon to Fri 7:00–23:00
Saturday 7:00–23:00
Sunday 9:00–23:00

Dog-friendly Rinteenkulma

You are more than welcome at Rinteenkulma with your dog. With your little furry friend, you are allowed to move around freely, but please note that the dog needs to be on a leash or carried – always and regardless of the situation. We also ask you to keep cleanliness in mind by taking care of your dog’s droppings. By bringing your dog to the shopping center, you also agree to be responsible for all damages and inconveniences caused by them, whether it’s about security or the property.


A list of all the stores dogs are welcomed to:

Partioaitta, Aitokauppa, Lapponia Experience, Ragwear, Pelimies, Marttiini, Luckiefun’s, Kultajousi, Intersport, Kukkakauppa Ukonhattu, Kello & Kulta Pulkkinen, Choco Deli, Crossfit Rovaniemi, Clas Ohlson, Vallaton Villa & Friends&Brgs (tables near the corridor)

  • Dogs are welcome to Rinteenkulma
  • Keep your dog on a leash
  • Take care of your dog’s droppings
  • Responsiblity for damages cost by your dog

Stores, restaurants and offices you are welcomed with a guide god:

Arctic Lapland Shop, K-Supermarket Rinteenkulma, Pelaamo Rovaniemi, POP-Pankki, Alko


You can enter the parking garage straight from road no. 4. There are free 2-hour parking spaces. On the 3rd floor of the parking garage, you can park until midnight for a 4 € parking fee: payments are made by coin machine, Moovy or EasyPark. Electric car charging stations are located on the first and second floor, and Tesla’s V3 Supercharger charging stations are on the 1st floor. You can access the charging points via road no. 4’s ramps. The parking garage is supervised by ParkkiPate.

  • Easy access from ramp on road no. 4
  • Free parking spaces up to 2 hours
  • Parking on 3rd floor until midnight for 4 € fee
  • 2 electric car charging stations and 4 Tesla charging stations
Kuva Rinteenkulman parkkihallista Yleiskuva Rinteenkulman käytävältä

Posti Parcel Machine

You can find the Posti’s parcel machine on the 1st floor of the shopping center across from Alko. Receive and send your packages easily through a machine. For more information, visit

Deposit and Cash ATM’s

There are two different types of ATM’s at Rinteenkulma.

Otto, the regular cash ATM, can be found next to K-Supermarket’s entrance. You can withdraw cash from the ATM and check your balance and transaction information.

TalletusOtto, the deposit ATM, is located across the corridor from Alko. You can deposit euro notes and coins directly into your account. You can also find the basic features, such as the withdrawal option, as well as the balance and transaction information.

For more information, visit

How to use TalletusOtto:

  • Place your chip card in the slot, enter your PIN and choose “Talletus”. If you use combination card, choose “Debit”
  • Place your banknotes and coins in their respective slots
  • After finishing remember to take your receipt
  • TalletusOtto accepts banknotes from 5 € to 500 € and coins from 1 cent to 2 €
  • Largest possible deposit at once is 200 banknotes or 5000 €

Toilets and Childcare

When nature calls, Rinteenkulma’s two public toilets are for your use. Second floor toilets and childcare center can be found in the middle of the sky corridor between Kampaamokauppa Sitruuna and Intersport, at the end of the corridor. The first floor toilets are located next to Vallaton Villa’s shop.

There is a fee for the toilets that you can pay for with an app or coin. With the app, the fee is 1 € and with a coin, 50 cents. Some of the restaurants have free toilets for customers only.

  • Public toilets on floors 1 and 2
  • Toilet fee with app 1 € and by coin 50 cents
  • 2nd floor public toilets have a childcare center
  • Restaurant toilets for customers only

Lost and Found

Did you lose your umbrella? Or dropped your wallet somewhere? When you have lost something, our security team is here to help. Contact them by phone +358 400 528 187.

  • The security team is responsible for found goods
  • Contact by phone +358 400 528 187

Skateboards, kickboards and rollerblades

It is prohibited to use skateboards, kickboards and rollerblades in Rinteenkulma’s general spaces and stores. These items can only be brought in by carrying, otherwise you will be escorted out by security.

  • Skateboards, kickboards and rollerblades are prohibited
  • Items only to be brought to the center in by carrying
Rinteenkulma’s history

Read more about Rinteenkulma and Rinne’s shopkeeper family, who have over a century of experience of serving locals of Rovaniemi.

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